[TUTORIAL] Planning your Website: Web Development for Beginners (#01)

[TUTORIAL] Planning your Website: Web Development for Beginners (#01)

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Tutorial Description: Hey guys! Today, I will be showing you all how to effectively start development on your new website! Last week, I started out giving you guys a look at the basics of HTML and CSS tags and properties, but today, I will be elaborating a little more on the prethought that goes into your website before touching the code! This series will be a very easy to follow and demonstrative series for Beginners and Experts alike, so don’t fret!

Planning is important because it gives you a ‘bird-eye’ view of how you want your website to look before you get into the HTML and CSS. This means that you dont have to multitask later and try to be coming up with ideas as you code (which is really ineffective from my experience).

In this tutorial, I will show you the basics of planning your website, and how to effectively give your new website a game-plan before touching the code.

Download Graph/Planning Paper: http://sneakpeekit.com/browser-sketchsheets/#tab-32-4


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